I’m working for Apple as a software engineer to build infrastructure for machine learning products. Currently, I work on a distributed deep learning framework. Previously, I worked for Zillow Group to develop the core in-house built search engine, called POGO, under Chief Architect Randy Puttick’s supervision.

Obtained MS in Computer Engineering from the Columbia University, and Bachelor degree of Electrical and Information Engineering from Beihang University (previously known as Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, a better name), Beijing, China.

Recently, investing most of my time developing machine/deep learning skills. Passionate about infrastructural system-level development. Adept in C/C++ and Python. Learning Rust during my spare time.

During spare time, I love playing basketball, reading, writing and sketching. I tried to learn Saxophone, but ended up being too noisy to my neighbors and stopped in the halfway. If I had a big house, I would resume it.